What You Value Can Impact your Weight

Have you gained weight and can not figure out why?

Are you trying to figure out how to stop gaining weight?

The answer can be as simple as what you value.

Your life is a sum of what you value most.

How can you tell what you value?

The thing or event that you value most will take most of your time and money.

This will reflect most in your current life situation.

For example, if you value cheesecake, you will experience this more frequently in your life.

You will spend more money on the cheesecake and time acquiring the delicious desserts.

You maybe overweight because of the value on cheesecake and the frequency in which you enjoy it.

Watch what you value because it will be an extension of the choices you have made in life.

If you would like to find out what you value the most, I have attached an assessment worksheet.

This assessment will assist in showing you the habits or purchases you value and did not realize the trend.

Do an assessment, what does your current situation say about what you value?

Complete the assessment below and leave a comment with what you found that you were not aware you valued.

Free Value Assessment Download

Free Financial Value Assessment Exercise Sheet

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