Surviving the Vacation weight gain 

I am back from vacation. After a week of sun and fun, reality has hit me. My hardwork before the vacation is gone… a little.  

No, I didn’t watch My calories and no I didn’t workout everyday. I worked out 1 day. The rest was no hold barred freedom.

However, freedom has its price and mine was about 3 pounds gained. Gasp, had I lives life that Golden and yes I did.

Its time to get back on track.  I watched what I ate and worked out. I am already back focused and that’s because I am committed to my lifestyle.

As long as I don’t allow the break to flow over to after the vacation, I should be back in a week or so. Never lose the momentum even after vacation.

Did you go on vacation and get back into working out? If not, how did you lose your momentum?

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