Surviving my coworkers candy dish

When you are living a healthy lifestyle, temptation will always be present. Sometimes it will be right next to you.

I am talking about the infamous candy dish that sits on your coworkers desk. You have to face this dish every morning and every time you run to the restroom.

And if you crave any sweets, the candy dish seems to grow larger on their desk.  Just a meltdown in process.

If you can’t avoid these candy dishes, how do you stay on your eating plan?

I recommend protein. Protien will get rid of cravings and satisfy hunger to help you avoid the candy dish.

Also, it takes discipline. Discipline is a key component to success or failure when you set eating habits or weight loss goals.

You can beat the candy dish and even if you don’t today, work on beating it tomorrow.

How do you avoid giving in to the candy dish? Please leave a comment.

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