Make your Workouts more fun!

Some people take working out too seriously.  If you make your workout fun, it will be a time of the day that you look forward too.  Whatever activity that you love to do should be a major part of your workout.  If you love jogging, do that more times than you do weight training or other workouts that you may not like.  For example, I love dancing so I will do workouts that give a dance routine to follow.  It is fun to me and a 45 minute video doesn’t seem as long because I am enjoying myself.  However, I do not like stairs and 45 minutes on a stair machine seems like it is an hour and a half.  Because I know this and I want to stay motivated.  I do what I think is fun most of the time.  Doing the stairs is helpful so I will still do them, just less frequently.  This makes me look forward to my workout during the week.

So I recommend finding the workout regime that works for you.  Everyone is different and should customize their routine.  I understand that a beginner may not know where to start.  Try a variety of things before you commit to a certain workout.  There are so many choices out their so don’t just settle for the first thing offered or what is popular right now.  Also, think back to your teens.  Did you participate in sports or activities.  Try those activities because most of us did these things in our teens because they were fun and not because it was healthy for us.  So go ahead and enjoy the time you spend working out, it may just change your life!

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