Is it good to do a Late Night Workout?

Should you workout late at night?  The answer is yes, some research has found that working out late at night is good for you.  However, some research has found that working out late at night is bad for you.  Confusing right?  

Well, I say yes, when some researchers say yes its good and the other researchers say no is bad because of possible sleep issues.  I don’t agree that possible sleep issues are a concrete argument.  Sometimes as adults we are very busy during the daylight hours.  So the only time to get that workout done is during the late night hours.  I had a night like this last week, I worked my 8 hours and ran a few errands after work.  When I arrived home, I was starving and I ate dinner.  I didn’t want to workout right after I ate so I ended up working out at 9:30 PM.  You may not be consider that very late but I normally go to bed at 10PM.  This was late for me.

I wanted to stick to my challenge and this workout was necessary to me so I did what I thought was best.  It didn’t effect me that night or the next day except for the workout related soreness.  I am not a morning person and I usually workout after work.  Because I already rise at 6 AM, I would have to rise at 5 AM to do a morning workout.  I already know I would not give it my all and a half workout is not better than no workout.  So I do what is best for me and my schedule for the day.  I did not have any problems sleeping and never have experienced sleep problems related to working out in the evening.  So do what is best for you, if it doesn’t effect your sleep patterns and that is your available time, do your workouts at late night.  It will benefit you in the long run.   

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