How I grew to love water and you can too!

Water is so delicious!  Well, at least that is how I feel about it now but years ago, I cringed at the taste of water.  Before I started my weight loss journey, I would only drink water as a last option.  However, many of my daily calories would come from drinking soda and juice.  I was completely addicted to the taste so much so that I didn’t care about the calories.  When I decided to lose weight the first thing I had to do was kick the addiction.  This was the most challenging part of the entire diet!

At first, I would not drink water until I was completely parched from the lack of liquid consumption.  Or I would drink water with my food to camouflage the taste.  After the first week, I became use to drinking water although I still didn’t like it.  The next week, I was use to the taste of water and it was tolerable to at least try to drink the recommended 64 oz each day.  The third week was a breeze, I could drink 64 oz of water like a professional and I was actually enjoying it.

 But the next week, I was weak for my former life of drinking soda and juice.  I bought an ice cold cherry coca- cola.  I cracked the top and I was excited about having my favorite beverage.  I took a sip and my excitement turned to surprise.  The soda was just too strong.  I sipped again,  the same experience.  After 5 sips I realized my beloved soda was no longer tasty.  I had become use to the taste of the water and now my body preferred it.  I learned a lesson, if you give 3 weeks without anything your body will adjust.  From that day on I have not struggled to drink water.  I still have my occasional diet coke but water is my beverage of choice.

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