Give your all to your Workout

Have you had those days that you really didn’t feel like working out?  You just wanted to check the workout off of your list as completed.  You went through the motions but your heart wasn’t in it.  I have had those days, especially when I had a busy or bad day.  I want to encourage you to give your workout your all.  This should be each and every time you workout.  A half workout is not better than none at all, because you didn’t challenge your body.   Also, you will not see any change from this half performed workout.  Furthermore, you may believe you can overindulge but you didn’t burn as many calories as normal.  Also, you maybe half performing because your body is tired and you need to rest the body.  Give in to your body because an overworked body will not give you the results that you are looking to achieve.

When you workout, you want to give in to the challenge of the program.  This will push your body to the next level, your workout should make you feel more energized not less.  So maybe if you feel less energize take the day off and start again fresh tomorrow.  Then you will be ready to give the workout out your all!  Also, half working out could start a pattern that could impact your diet or fitness routine.  You do not want to plateau or start gaining weight.  So pay attention to your energy levels and get mentally back in the workout.  How you view your workout will determine how you perform.

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