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For years, I have struggled with my weight.  Sometimes I was my goal weight other times I was considered obese.  Either way, I struggled until 2 years ago.  I realized that staying healthy was a lifestyle choice.  Reaching a goal weight and going back to my regular routine only to gain half of the weight back was no longer an option.  I wanted to remain this weight because it saved me money on my wardrobe, time at my doctor’s office, increased my self-esteem, and I physically felt much better.

My overweight lifestyle really hit home when my doctor told me that I was pre-diabetic and board-line anemic.  It was only a matter of time before my maintenance drug requirement was going to become a part of my life.  However, he spoke these magic words.  If you lose at least 10 pounds you could change your course to diabetes.  With the help of my supportive boyfriend, Keith, I was quick to find a way to lose those pounds and avoid the lifestyle that had I had seen my Grandmother and Aunt live for years.  I lost 25 pounds and I have been working hard to keep it off.  My experience helps me help others and that is what I am committed to doing.  Changing lives for the better and exploring all the reasons that healthy living (clean diet and exercise) has more meaning to life.  Let’s take this journey together.  Do you have a weight loss story or struggle?  Leave your story in the comments below.

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