Focus on Your Outcome!

I was listening to Tony Robbins and he had a great message for staying motivated and reaching your goals.  His message was simple, focus on your outcomes and not the activities associated with getting to your outcome. The reason, when you focus on the activities you also focus on the emotions associated with the activities.  Also, we think about all the hard work associated with the tasks to reach our desired outcome.  However, when we focus on our outcome, the associated task are not the focus and we will be more willing to reach our goals.  This applies to our fitness and diet goals.  When we start a diet or weight loss routine, we focus on the activities more than the goal.  This is what makes the journey harder while attempting to reach our goals.  When you think of all the things that you may be missing and the hard work to make the change you may become discourage.

Instead of thinking about the activities, think about the outcome.  The thoughts in your head will change and the atmosphere will change from negative to positive.  For example, when focusing on the activities with a workout you will think, once I do this workout I will be sore and have a tough time moving around tomorrow.  If you think about the outcome, you will think I want to lose 5 pounds and I may be sore on the way but I will be my ideal size.  Do you see the change from negative to positive?  Although, you may experience soreness as a result of working out when you first start.  One way of thinking persuades you not to start and one embraces the soreness to get your results.  So change your thinking today and reach your goals with ease.  The journey will be tough because all change is but the outcome will be worth it. 

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