Don’t let a bad day distract you!

You may be planning a diet or workout plan today but your day is turning sour.  Don’t let this bad day distract you from completing your daily goals.  When on a fitness journey during those bad days you may want to grab your favorite sugar filled comfort foods or skip that workout for coach potato status.  I am asking you not to give in, you will feel worse.  Not only would you feel bad about the day, you will regret not staying on track with your diet and workout plans.  Bad days happens, how you win is to stay on course during the tough times.  The tough time are the hardest to conquer because you want to retreat to your comfortable place. 

This could stop your progress all together and make you want to quit.  Even if you do give in to the bad day, DO NOT QUIT.  Start again tomorrow, we all fall short of our goals from time to time.  The winners who reaches their goal just decides not to quit no matter the circumstances.  Everyone is a winner and has the ability to press forward during those bad days.  When you reach your goals for the day you will feel like a conquer.  Your spirit and body will get stronger together.  I have my bad days but I do not let them distract me.  It wasn’t always that way but after I conquer one bad day, the next bad day was easier to conquer.  Now that I have so much practice conquering bad days, it doesn’t effect me at all.  I know its temporary and tomorrow will be a brighter day.

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