Don’t blow your diet at the Family BBQ

Its Summertime and everyone is going to the family bbq. But this year you are on a diet.  How do you stick to your diet and still enjoy the family bbq?  The answer is you can enjoy the summer bbq, but you have to be careful not to over indulge.  My advice would be to eat before you get there and snack on some of the healthier menu options that are available at the bbq.  The key to success is to have a plan before you get there.  Because you are not hungry you are less likely to overindulge in the foods at the picnic.  Then you will have the will power to stay on track with your diet.  Also, the chicken and fish are good options.  Try to stay away from carbs, high fat meats and sausages.  The more you avoid these items the less likely you are to blow your diet.
Another option would be to arrive early and bring your own lean meats and vegetables to add to the grill to enjoy.  This way you can ensure that the food you are consuming is within the limits of your diet.  Also, you can monitor the seasoning to avoid salt, butter and other additions that may not be good for your diet.  This all goes back to planning, to stay on track have a plan.  You can still enjoy time with the family and eat on your terms.  This small step can keep you on track to your weight loss goals.  So plan ahead, no need to avoid the family functions while dieting. Live life and create more memories.  

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