Diet Killers: Salt and Sugar

Have you been trying to lose weight but having a difficult time?

Check your diet it maybe filled with diet killers.  What we eat is important. However how we eat it is just as important.

Green beans are good for your weight loss. But if you eat it out of a can, it has more salt than fresh or frozen.

You may feel good about eating green beans instead of french fries. But they could contain the same amount of salt.

Salt is a diet killer because the body retains water to digest it. This means bloating and water weight gain will shortly follow.

These are the worse things to experience when you are trying to lose weight.

So cut the salt from your meals and watch the nutritional content for salt. By fresh to avoid all salt.

The body does the same thing for sugar. To digest sugar, the body will hold up to 3 times the weight of each grain of sugar.

So the more sugar you eat. The more water weight and bloating you will experience. So skip the sugar filled sodas, juices and pastries.

While you are working to lose weight, use sugar free options instead. This will help you to maintain your progress.

So Shake the diet killers and you will be one step closer to your dream body.

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