Are you Sabotaging your Diet?

How do you know if you are sabotaging your diet.  You can measure this by the number of carbs that you eat.  Carbs come in simple and complex forms.  The simple forms of carbs are bread, pancakes, cereal, rice and a lot of the process foods that are on the grocery store shelf.  The complex forms of carbs are fruits, corn and potatoes.  Did you know that most of our favorite foods are filled with carbs.  The only foods that are not filled with carbs are meat and vegetables.  Carbs can sabotage a diet because these foods, turn into sugar and sugar turns into FAT.  If you are overweight or even your ideal size, unless you are looking to gain weight monitor your carbs.  If you are overweight, you want to use this stored fat and reverse the cycle.  Turn the fat into sugar and sugar into fuel for you body to burn.  This will help you reduce weight and fat in your body.  The best way is to reduce the amount of carbs you intake daily to very little.  The more you reduce your carb intake,  the more your body has to use the stored fat for fuel.  If you are your ideal weight, you want to consume the recommended amount of daily carbs. 

I have enclosed a link to calculate your recommended carb intake.   You can use this link to determine how many carbs you should be using a day.  Remember this includes fruit, breads and some vegetables.  So plan accordingly, have meat, vegetables and your daily recommended carbohydrate amount to maintain your weight.  If you are trying to lose weight reduce the amount of carbs you intake a day.  How much you reduce would be best recommended by a dietary or medical professional.  However, if you have been gaining weight or having a hard time losing weight check your diet you may find the source right away.  Use this link to calculate your daily carb intake.

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