21 Day Fix Challenge – Update 

So I have finally finished my 21 day fix Challenge and let me say it was a challenge indeed.

Let me start with my results.

  1. I lost 5 pounds during this challenge.
  2. My body is more muscular.
  3. My endurance is higher.
  4. I am stronger.
  5. My cousin lost 10 pounds.
  6. She lost 3 inches of her waist.
  7. Also, lost 4.5 inches off her hips.

Let me talk about the challenge.

  1. It was a very tough challenge!
  2. Autumn Calabrese will push you to your limits!
  3. The first week, I could barely finish the 30 minute workout.
  4. The 2nd week, I could finish the workout easier.
  5. The 3rd week I was able to do 2- 30 minute workouts.

As we get in shape, we must challenge our bodies to push our results to the next level. We must be uncomfortable to get the results we want. This journey was great and very uncomfortable but I am glad I finished and love my results too. Have you taken a challenge? What was your experience. Leave in the comments below.

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